Best Things to Buy on Etsy

Among all other e-commerce websites, Etsy is one unique shop. If you are interested in extraordinary items from handcrafted ones to vintage treasures, you surely will thrive in the Etsy Universe! This place is built with 100% creativity, so buyers and sellers uplift their creative minds and imaginations on every interaction. If you want to know more about stuff that is available on Etsy, let’s take a look at the Best Things to Buy on Etsy!

Top 10 Things on Etsy 2020

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Personalized Charcuterie Planks and Beer Flights

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Are you having a celebration soon? Check out this Personalized Charcuterie Planks and Beer Flights for your next party! These astonishing planks and beer flights are made with bamboo woods, and each one is handcrafted in Largo, Florida!

You can even request for your name or initials to be engraved on the charcuterie and beer planks. The charcuterie would surely make your food served in style and glam as you offer your appetizers to your guests. The beer planks, on the other hand, are designed to hold most size and shape of beer glasses.

You have all the flexibility to choose the style of the engraving that you want. And there are also several styles for the charcuterie and beer flanks, depending on your preference. Nevertheless, you are assured that the quality of these items is of outstanding standards and let us just leave that to their 41,000+ sales.

Key Features:

  • Colors: Amber, Blonde

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12 pcs Tillandsia Air Plant Lot in Gift Box

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Add a touch of nature on your home with Tillandsia Air Plants, while they make the air you breathe fresh and purified. Tillandsia is a popular air plant that can improve the air quality of your home. They also make a lovely addition to any room.

They are the happiest on bright but filtered light, so if your home is surrounded with large windows, these plants would surely thrive. Tillandsia is easy to care for; you can wet the plant thoroughly for 2 to 3 times a week during summers, and less during humid seasons.

This gift box has twelve pieces of Tillandsia plants plus an organic plant food specifically made for air plants. This is a perfect gift for your family and friends, or you can simply get on a new hobby by caring for these fancy plants!

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Personalized Premium Leather Journal Notebook or Sketchbook

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If you are a writer, an artist, or a person whos simply love beautiful journals, you should get one of this Personalized Premium Leather Journal. This bestseller comes in various colors like rustic brown, dark brown, rustic gray, black, and saddle tan.

 You can also choose to get either a lined paper for your writings or just plain unlined paper for a perfect sketchbook. To make it even more attractive and personalized, you can request to have your initials engraved. This rustic leather notebook would look like you got it from World War II!

Key features:

  • Handmade
  • Sizes: 4×6 or 5×7 or 6×8
  • Authentic Cowhide Leather
  • With acid-free paper
  • 160 pages for 4×6 and 5×7 sizes
  • 200 pages for 6×8
  • Pages bound with strong waxed Irish linen thread

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Wood Charging Station Organizer

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The perfect item for your desk has just arrived! This Wood Charging Station Organizer. This organizer is truly something you can rely on, not only because it can hold any type of cellphone on the charging dock. This organizer can neatly be home for your wallet, keys, coins, watches, pens, and many more!

You can add any logo, picture design, or your name for an additional personal touch. This wood charging station organizer is made from natural birch plywood, so you can rely on its durability and strength. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your father, husband, or your son, this is one unique gift that they would love!

Key Features:

  • With free keychain and coaster
  • Colors: Ebony, Mahogany, Teak, Frosting, Sea Wave, Dark Walnut

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Women’s Duffel Bag

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Mother’s Day is coming up, and a perfect gift for your mom or wife is this Women’s Duffel Bag. This bag is made out of the cotton canvas, paired with a luxurious satin ribbon for added glam. Aside from mothers and wives, this is also one of the bestselling gifts for bridesmaids.

A very personal present from you would surely get a lot of appreciation because this bag comes with a personalized name. This is a great gym bag or a year-round use bag everywhere! The bag is very light, and the metal clasps accentuate the straps with perfection.

You can customize any bow color and gift tag depending on your preference. This bag also a convenient front-zippered pocket and a removable shoulder strap. This is one gorgeous gift for one magnificent woman!

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Wooden Name Puzzle

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One of the first things that we want our children to learn is their names. This Wooden Name Puzzle can bring excitement and fun as your little one learns how to spell his name. What makes this puzzle a best seller is its elegance as well as its excellent heirloom quality. Your child would love this puzzle to be with him even when he has his own children!

This wooden name puzzle is done out of solid hardwood with natural polish that succumbs into the letters that are 1.5 to 2 inches thick. Parents can opt to purchase multiple names in one base, so everything is personalized according to your preference.

There are also no stains used so that you can see the natural aesthetics of the tree shining through each letter.

Key Features:

  • Woods: dark walnut, red cherry, or white maple

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4-Sized Bath Bomb Mold Set

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In the middle of the lockdown, who says you cannot enjoy having a bubble bath without having to go out and buy some bath bombs at Lush? Have fun making your own bath bombs at home with these 4-sized Bath Bomb Mold Set!

This can be a great activity where you can engage the whole family and have some quality time. The molds come in a set of four different sizes, perfect for the entire family! These molds are made out of stainless steel, so rust and corrosion is not a problem over time.

The molds also match up flush on the rims while you form the bath bombs so your bombs would not be dented or misshaped even after rigorous tapping. Have a great bath time with your home-made bath bombs!

Key Features:

  • 11 sizes available from 1” to 8”

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Hopped Up Coffee

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Great mornings always start with great coffee! This Hopped Up Coffee is your best buddy every waking time. Why? Because you would simply enjoy not only one but four different types of coffee every single day. Plus, these four types of coffee are manufactured to mimic various styles of beer! That’s what has made it even more enticing indeed!

Let’s talk about all the flavors that you can enjoy:

The Winter Warmer flavor wakes you up with freshly roasted coffee, with some hops, and barley for some sweetness. Then, you would enjoy a refreshing splash of cocoa and orange that would remind you of a chilly but pleasant Christmas morning!

Next, we have the Chocolate Stout Coffee. Aside from freshly roasted coffee beans and some hops for a beer-bodied flavor, your sweet tooth would love the cocoa and sweet roasted cocoa nibs. This coffee concoction would bring your favorite childhood cocoa back, together with your two favorite drinks like an adult: beer and coffee!

If you love biscuits and honey, you would also love the Scottish Ale Coffee. With a hint of Cascade hops, it perfectly blends with the freshly roasted coffee, with some biscuits and honey malts for added sweetness.

Lastly, fill your taste buds with the Black IPA Coffee. This bold and strong coffee is made from freshly roasted coffee, floral and citrus hops, and barley.

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Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Gift Box

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Are you attending a wedding soon? Get this unique, Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Gift Box! So, what exactly is in the box that makes it so unique?

It has a personalized City Skyline Hand Poured Soy Candle, which is perfect for the couple’s relaxation with their names imprinted on the tag. This candle comes with a Gold Foil “Love” Matchbox set to accentuate it.

Next, the box has Mr. and Mrs. Lumbar Pillow Cover and Mr. and Mrs. Luggage Tags that they can ideally use for their honeymoon vacation!

The box also has two sets of Gold Foil Mugs that says Mr. and Mrs., so they can cherish every moment of their wedding day as they start every morning together.

Lastly, the box has a “You Make marriage Look Good” card, to uplift their feelings further and feel good about their marriage.

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Pregnancy Announcement for Grandparents

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Since we have talked about a unique wedding gift, the couple would surely be announcing their pregnancy soon! And the first people that they wanted to surprise are their parents. This Pregnancy Announcement for Grandparents comes in an adorable little bootie and a surprise card on top of the box. The new grandparents would undoubtedly tear up after seeing this!

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Getting the Best Stuff on Etsy

Unlike the usual e-commerce sites that you have visited, Etsy is one great place on exploring creative items that are usually handmade by artists worldwide. As an overall review, this site is perfect for those who are looking for unique items, gifts, and even celebration memorabilia or items that can be bought wholesale.

All in all, Etsy is a beautiful place that people can rely on for high-quality products, which usually allows customers to give a personal touch to their purchases.

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